You're looking to dramatically accelerate your earnings and revenue growth in China.  Can we help? Possibly. How?  By attracting to your company game-changing business heads and their teams.

We believe that collaborative efforts are the best way to achieve truly superb hiring outcomes in China.  


We ‘get’ that the only reason clients like you engage us is because we bring you leaders who deliver extraordinary business results.

Our Guarantee

Most search consultants are done once their candidate signs.  If things go wrong, and they often do, the client is left holding the bag.


We are aligned with our clients’ objectives, and have an ongoing interest in the business outcomes of our placements — just as our clients do.  


That’s why we document results and why we offer our clients money back guarantees as a means for sharing risk and reward.

Skyrocket Revenues

One of our US industrial clients reported a 92% leap in annual revenues — more than US$ 35 million — in the first year after we helped them recruit a Chief Rep/Sales Director. That’s after 12 years of single-digit sales growth.


The new CR/SD more than tripled annual sales in her first three years…and she’s still going strong 10 years later.

High Growth

Another client, a European family-owned business, committed USD 60 million to establish a manufacturing presence in China after our candidate, their new Country General Manager, tripled revenues and established a sustained high-growth strategy for China in his first two years at the company.


Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan


  • 23 years’ senior executive search experience in 13 countries across Asia

  • Focused primarily on industrial manufacturing for mid-sized operations

  • Many successful high-performance, high growth, A Player placements at China/Asia CEO/President/MD level

  • 35+ years working, studying, living in China/Asia

  • Described by clients and candidates as “personable, trustworthy, a dynamo, insightful, process-driven, innovative”

  • Native English, conversational Mandarin

  • Lifelong interest and Airline Transport Pilot knowledge of aviation

  • FAA ATP, Learjet type rating, seaplane, helicopter, 2,500 hrs TT​​